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Stoer Skincare for men

Wrinkles aren’t a problem for British men as the sale of men’s skincare slows

Today’s man is pretty happy with his lot (and his looks) and it seems that wrinkles aren’t too much of a problem either. What’s interesting is that it appears that this could be having an impact on the sale of men’s skincare too. 67% of all British men say they look good for their age, and this increases to a self-assured 71% of those aged 65 and over. It seems that as many as 75% of men aged 65 and over feel confident about the way they look, compared to just over half (56%) of men aged 16-24 and an average of 61% of all men. Proving British men are happy to accept ageing with grace, almost four in five (78%) men agree that it is acceptable to have some wrinkles, while 68% agree that skin ageing is a natural process that can’t be stopped. Perhaps less reason to grab an eye care cream from the men’s skincare aisle. This relaxed attitude to ageing doesn’t stop a touch of vanity, more so amongst younger guys. Some …