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Rooftop Finnish Sauna Southbank London

Finnish Rooftop Sauna comes to Southbank London

The Southbank Centre brings the benefits of the sauna to the Southbank with its Finnish Rooftop Sauna. Promising guests they will get hot, hot, hot, there will be great views of the River Thames and you can cool off win the open air or with cold water buckets. The specially designed Finnish Rooftop Sauna will sit on Queen Elizabeth Roof Terrace, and there will be a sauna expert to demonstrate steaming stones and introduce you to the authentic sauna experience. Reaching 90 degrees celsius inside, you can then cool down outside (and in London that won’t be a problem, but for the hearty amongst you you can go full Finn and douse yourself with cold water. The benefits of the sauna are well researched (read more HERE) and even the Daily Mail has reported on the striking health benefits (so it must be true). There are some science-backed benefits to saunas, which range from increased circulation (as a result of the elevated heart rate and widened blood vessels that accompany exposure to intense heat) to reduced muscle soreness …