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Amilla Fushi Maldives

3 of the best barbers in tropical spas

Barbering in the spa has hit the big time and the most recent trend is barbers in tropical spas. From the bright city lights of London and New York and now to far-flung destinations in the Maldives and Mauritius, barbering is becoming as essential on the spa menu as massage and manicure. Guys like to look good – we know that and they also like a bit of spa-time too. Not so much for the pampering and preening, but for rest and relaxation. It was only natural that barber services would be introduced into the spa environment. The Spa Man spotted this about five years ago in Frankfurt and it’s a trend that has grown and grown from Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong to The Bulgari in London and even to country estates like Bovey Castle in Devon. A haircut and wet shave are essential grooming rituals for guys and accessing them on holidays in the tropics is now becoming as essential as a deep tissue or hot stone massage. Here are three of the best …