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Glow - Kate O'Brien - The Spa Man

GLOW: Your Complete Four-Week Guide to Healthy, Radiant Skin

Kate O’Brien’s new book GLOW: Your Complete Four-Week Guide to Healthy, Radiant Skin with 60 skin nourishing recipes is one of those books you read and then keep coming back to. It’s jam packed with great tips and advice that is both practical and accessible. It contains a healthy dose of science but won’t bamboozle you. The design is clear and fresh. The recipes are easy to follow and include a range of ingredients that are easy to find and great for your skin and inner health too. Kate O’Brien is an expert in both nutrition and cosmetic science, with a particular interest in skincare. I first met Kate on a spa press trip to the launch of Mandarin Oriental Marrakech and we had an instant connection. We’ve been friends since. She has written this comprehensive guide called GLOW to cut through the crap really. There’s loads of misinformation surrounding best practice when it comes to skin. She offers scientifically grounded facts about how skin really works at a cellular level to help you create strong …