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Park Hotel Igls, Austria - The Spa Man

Review: Health Retreat Parkhotel Igls, Austria

Health Retreat Parkhotel Igls has a global reputation for delivering quality and excellence in the field of Modern Mayr medicine. Situated just outside of Innsbruck in the Austrian Tyrol, the medical retreat has adapted the traditional Mayr cure for the modern age, combining the best of western and complementary medicine. Cutting edge technology and medical expertise are complement more traditional therapies like massage, yoga and Kniepp treatments for the targeted regeneration of the digestive system. Blending detox, cure and escape, the team at Health Retreat Parkhotel Igls have developed a programme that balances diagnostic medicine, with a professional approach and caring attitude. Managing director, Andrea Gnägi explains the philosophy, “We are not a wellness centre or medical hospital, but are very specific medical health centre combining both quality and a commitment to find solutions to the problems that people have.  It’s a perfect combination between medical expertise and the comforts of a resort. We are the best at giving people friendliness whilst attending to their individual needs.” The medical team consists of a select group …