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Olverum Bath Oil - the Spa Man

You need this bath oil in your life (PS: it’s Olverum)

Olverum Bath Oil really is a product you really do need in your life. It’s relaxing, stress-relieving, soothes aches and pains and helps to clear the head too. Regular readers will know that I love to bathe. It’s one of the few times I truly stop. I put down the iPhone and iPad, step away from the computer and stop. I might light a candle, play some music and occasionally will read a magazine. But one constant is an excellent bath oil formulated with the very best quality essential oils. Olverum Bath Oil is one such oil. It’s a heady mix of potent oils that pack a punch. You don’t need much – they say 5ml is plenty and thus, it spreads the cost and makes it a reasonable purchase and quite pocket friendly. It has a carefully selected range of botanical oils and plant extracts that is unisex and perfect after a long hard day in the office. This blend has been around since 1931 when it was developed in Germany. Give yourself a little me-time right now. …