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Build your own beauty box at Selfridges

ELEMIS has just announced that it is participating in the Birchbox Build Your Own Box campaign taking place at Selfridges from Friday 28th August to celebrate Birchbox’s 5th Anniversary. And it’s not just Britain’s best-loved spa brand that’s taking part, you can line up a host of goodies to create your very own bespoke box including: Nuxe, Rituals, Percy & Reed, Cowshed, Sarah Chapman, LAQA & Co, Bliss and Parlour. Birchbox is taking a dedicated pop-up space in Selfridges, Oxford Street for one month offering consumers the opportunity to create their own personalised box containing their brands of choice. With a footfall of 266,000 per week in the Selfridges Beauty Hall, this is a massive coup for the brands and gives you the customer the opportunity to get your very own personalised beauty/grooming box. And for fans of the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, (and I know that both men and women love this product) the 30ml size will be in the mix of beauty luxuries to choose from. How to build yours… From 28th August …

Think twice about the plastic water bottle

A story that has appeared in the papers today comes as a timely reminder about our reliance on plastic water bottles. As Selfridges takes a stand (it’s about to stop selling single use plastic water bottles) and the city of San Francisco banned their sale, it’s time to think twice about grabbing a single use water bottle from the shop/supermarket/convenience store. The amount of plastic we consume (and throw away) as well its effect on our oceans and marine life is staggering. A few statistics 3 million – plastic water bottles sold daily in the UK 13 m tonnes – of plastic enters the oceans each year 5 trillion – pieces of plastic are floating in the ocean, weighing 250,000 tonnes 1kg – amount of plastic in the oceans for every 3 kg of fish (by 2025) More than 13 billion plastic bottles are produced annually in the UK and it’s thought that only half are recycled. This is frightening stuff because plastic breaks down into small fragments in the sea which can be ingested …

Review: Face Gym, London

THE CONCEPT: FaceGym was created by Inge Theron, aka the Spa Junkie, who in her role as spa reviewer for the Financial Times visited 57 spas, sweated through 32 types of fitness class, experimented with 25 anti-ageing treatments and endured 15 detoxes. She developed FaceGym: a four stage facial massage that is like a mini workout for your facial muscles. It follows the same rituals of the gym Warm-Up, Cardio, Strength and Cooldown – but all focussing on the face. And it makes sense. THE TREATMENT: It begins gently with a deep cleanse using knuckling movements – this was amazing. I loved the sensation of being knuckled.  Stretching and warming the muscles – pulling them and manipulating them into positions they probably haven’t been before (unless you are a gurning champion). From here, a detailed protocol follows that works each area of the face paying particular attention to the eyes, eye bags and jowls. It’s vigorous but not painful. Pinching, pulling and stretching – but totally enlivening at the same time. Invigorating, it stimulates circulation …

Inner Strength

Aromatherapy Associates is top of my list when it comes to aromatherapy blends and the launch of Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil is no exception. Created by founder, Geraldine Howard (whilst undergoing treatment for cancer) the oil was designed to give her strength, courage and a positive frame of mind. An expert in the art of blending oils, Geraldine has combined the uplifting oils – clary sage and frankincense (to focus the mind and calm thoughts) with cardamon and rosemary (supporting physical strength), rose and vetiver (to calm and heal) and geranium (to stimulate circulation and balance the emotions). This is a potent formulation and really packs a punch. A little goes a long way and its fantastic that 10% of proceeds will be given to the charity Foundation ATK (Afweer Tegen Kanker Foundation/Defence Against Cancer that develops pioneering treatments for cancer. For more information see: £39 for 55ml Available from ,  Space NK, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty’s.

Superdry Orange

THE STORY: I love a fragrance that’s uplifting and zesty and Superdry’s Orange EDT embodies it all. It does what it says on the label – it’s packed with sweet blood oranges and delivers a modern, contemporary cologne.  It’s set off with lots of spiciness and lasts pretty well. It won’t go the whole day but loves you for a good 4-5 hours. THE SCIENCE: Black pepper, sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli lie at the heart of the spicy, heady mix and its all topped off with sweet orange (it’s not cloying or sickly sweet) and works perfectly. THE VERDICT: Bloody brilliant. THE DETAILS: 40ml – £29.50 Available from Superdry stores, and Selfridges and House of Fraser.