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The Great British Grooming Co. - The Spa Man

It seems that every day there’s another men’s grooming launch focussing on shaving and beards and then along comes one that actually rather good, enter: The Great British Grooming Co.

The Great British Grooming Co. has launched a capsule range of four products with a light fragrance that refreshes and revitalises the beard. It’s blended with the hydrating, nourishing and skin boosting properties of Argan Oil. I particularly liked the Beard Wash and Beard Balm. The scent infused into the products is slightly spicy, but not heavily so. Sometimes the fragrance used in men’s products – especially for the beard is way too strong, this is the perfect balance. The Balm helps to style the beard and give it a nice sheen without too much residue or heaviness.

The products are priced very competitively and won’t dent your grooming budget too much. and you can gran them in Superdrug. Perfect!

The Great British Grooming Co. Wash
Beard Wash will help you to cleanse and keep your facial hair smooth, sleek and untangled. It can also help you to deal with the itchy phases of beard growth with absolutely no problems.


The Great British Grooming Co. Oil
When you protect your hair with Beard Oil, you can make sure that the hair itself remains smooth, sleek and shiny. Even better, you can help to improve the health of the skin underneath by keeping it healthy and hydrated.


The Great British Grooming Co. Thickening Serum
Beard Thickening Serum encourages your facial hair to grow much thicker, as well as encouraging existing hair to look thicker. Thickening Serum is the perfect choice if you’re dealing with a patchy, uneven beard which refuses to do as you want.


The Great British Grooming Co. Balm
Beard Balm is a clever blend of ingredients which works to moisture, protect and condition your beard against the elements. Made with Coconut Oil, Shea butter and Argan oil, Beard Balm is not only practical, and it smells really great.


Available in Superdrug and here: 

The Great British Grooming Co. - The Spa Man


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