The Spa Man’s SPF protection in Greece


Location: Crete. Sunshine: lots. SPF: definitely.

I love to escape to the sun and ensure that I take a little time without sun protection each day to build Vitamin D (about 15-20 minutes) then I get to work with my sun protection. For me it’s simple. There are two products I wouldn’t be without. An SPF 20 and a high protection sun stick for extremities like nose, ears and lips.

It’s more than just protecting againgst ageing too, In 2010, around 100,000 people were diagnosed with skin cancer in the UK. More than 12,000 of these cancers were malignant melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Each year, around 2,200 people die from skin cancer.

So, in Greece for a late summer holiday I continue to keep it simple and use an SPF 20 and a balm for my lips, nose and ears. Re-apply after being in the water and don’t forget extremities – noses, ears and lips burn too.


ambre solaire

Garnier Ambre Solaire Medium SPF 20

Each year I choose this as my sun protection cream of choice. It’s not greasy, dries quickly and is designed to be water resistant (but I re-apply after being in the water). It contains Mexoryl SX that protects against UVB induced skin damage and UVA rays that cause premature ageing.  Enriched with Vitamin C it is hydrating and helps stops the drying effects of the sun.

Recommendations for use:

• Apply 15 minutes before going into the sun, reapply when in the sun and then every 1-2 hours and always after swimming or towelling
• Apply generously using approximately 2-3 tablespoons full of product for the entire body.

Price: this varies wildly and depends on special offers. It can retail for over £12, I have found it as cheap as £5 in ASDA. It pays to shop around.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick SPF 30

This is my must-have and number one favourite. I won’t be without this as my lips burn easily and my ears stick out a bit – so they catch the sun. Use it liberally on the nose, ears and lips – in fact anywhere you want. Great for the top of the head if your hair is thinning a bit too. It is small enough to carry in your pocket for days out exploring the tourist sights and great to have at home in the city.

It’s based on the Original ‘solid’ Formula – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula and contains the benefits of pure cocoa butter enriched with Vitamin E – this is excellent for smoothing dry or damaged skin on the go.

What I have recently discovered is that the product contains 0% water, it does not freeze, so can be used on the ski slopes over the winter months too. Also ideal to help relieve dry, cracked heels.

And it’s keenly priced at under £3.

You can get it for £2.69 on

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