The ThalgoMen Grooming Kit

ThalgoMen Grooming Kit - The Spa Man

Thalgo has launched the  ThalgoMen Grooming Kit. Presented in a smart dark blue travel wash bag, it contains two of my favourite products from the Thalgo range: Wake-Up Shower Gel and Regenerating Cream.

These two hero products both contain Algue Bleue Vitale™. Algue Bleue Vitale™ formula stimulates cell renewal and features scientifically proven anti- ageing properties. It’s also perfect for sensitive of skins.

The ThalgoMen Grooming Kit – what’s in it?

ThalgoMen Wake-Up Shower Gel is a fresh-feeling all-over body wash/shampoo that instantly cleanses and purifies your skin and hair. I have taken this on holiday many times, and when I use it at home it reminds me of open skies, sunny beaches and totally chilling out. I also keep a mini sized one in my gym kit. Its effective, non-aggressive foaming system respects the hair fibre and the skin’s physiological balance – the ideal product to take when travelling or after exercising.

ThalgoMen Regenerating Cream is an excellent addition to the ThalgoMen Grooming Kit as it has a creamy consistency to help rehydrate and strengthen skin suffering the signs of ageing – helping to calm stressed skin. I remember taking this on a trip to Australia and it helped keep my skin hydrated, smooth and fresh. It’s a tough call to protect and hydrate the skin in the harsh heat of the Australian sun, but this one worked a treat. It’s got a great consistency. It’s somewhat thicker than most creams. I really rate it.

ThalgoMen Grooming Kit - The Spa Man

Algue Bleue Vitale™ – the science bit.

Algue Bleue Vitale™ draws its strength from the heart of the 6,000 year-old Klamath Lake – also known as “medicine lake” among Native Americans. Algue Bleue Vitale™ stimulates cell renewal and features scientifically proven anti-ageing properties. An energising green algae, Enteromorpha Compressa, enhances its performance by helping to calm stressed cells.

The ThalgoMen Grooming Kit is available from RRP £29.95 and includes – Wake Up Shower Gel (100ml) & Regenerating Cream (50ml).

Price is £29.95 RRP (Contents worth £40.25)

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