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sassoonTHE STORY:

Men are blessed with hair – usually in places where they least want it. On their back, shoulders, chest and often most offensively in the ears and nose. I certainly inherited my father’s hair genes. Losing it on top and as I age, it’s sprouting from my ears and nose. But never fear – the grooming industry is here. Coming to our collective rescue is Sassoon for Men with a hygiene trimmer – perfectly designed for trimming nose and ear hairs.


Sassoon for Men actually do a great range of hair removal gadgets and the new TITAN SERIES Hygiene Trimmer is no exception. It works a treat. What I loved about it is the in-built high beam light for precision trimming. There’s absolutely no excuse now – you can even trim your bushy bits in the dark. It includes some high-spec technology too – the nano silver technology blade provides an anti-bacterial action, while the rotary function ensures that you are able to remove unwanted hair without pulling. It’s also got a waterproof detachable head and advanced vacuum function for easy clean up – this is the Rolls Royce of nasal hair trimmers.

Sassoon for Men TITAN SERIES Hygiene Trimmer RRP £9.99

Available in Asda, and Currys.

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