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Wash with Joe

wash with joe

Yes, you literally wash with joe – it’s a brand name for a shower gel a coffee and mint shower gel formulated by (so I’m told) one of New York’s most respected designers, Jane Schub.

The coffee contained within it acts as as strong deodoriser whilst the triple distilled peppermint oil helps to invigorate the body and mind and is a sharp wake-up call in the morning. It’s an odd one, I’ve never used a dark brown shower gel before. This looks a bit like coffee syrup and smells incredibly minty. There’s a touch of coffee there – but not as much as you would imagine. When I first tried it, I wasn’t convinced, but was happy to give it another go. Now, a week on and I really rather like it. It’s not been banished to the rubbish heap of forgotten grooming products. It’s found a permanent place in the bathroom.

You can find it in a number of spots on the internet, but mine came directly from the Grooming Clinic. Never heard of The Grooming Clinic? It grew from a – you guessed it – male grooming centre for guys and has recently launched a retail website playing host to a whole range of really interesting brands. Most of which you will definitely NOT find on the high street. Karin Herzog, Marvis, MEN-U and of course Wash with Joe are just a few to look out for.

Wash with Joe 437 ml – £24

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