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If you are blessed with a hairy back, chest and shoulders – it’s quite likely, there’s at least one of these areas you will wax, trim or shave regularly. Enter – Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Strips,  one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove unwanted hair for a smooth finish. It’s easier than a pot of gel or wax, there’s no heating and the product is already on the strips, so if you are relying on help from your partner – it’s much less fuss and doesn’t hurt anywhere near as much as a hot wax. There’s desensitising wipes to prepare the skin and cleansing wipes for afterwards.   There’s 20 in a pack and good value too.


It’s a wax infused with soothing peppermint (which helps, given that you’ve basically ripped the hair out from the root).  The pack comes with a set of wipes, one to use before and one for afterwards – and they did make a difference to the experience. The desensitising wipes (pre-wax) contain alcohol, menthol and kava extract – wipe them over the area to be waxed first. Afterwards, you will want to make use of the soothing wipes which contain sweet almond and calendula oil that help calm the skin from any redness.


A quick and simple solution, but for the back and shoulders –  you will need a helping hand from a friend.


Nad’s for Men Body Waxing Strips 20’s – £8.99

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