What men like at the spa

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I like a survey, especially one that looks at men and spas. undertook a survey of 1000 men asking them what they like about taking a spa break with a partner. Here are the findings:

1. Massages 38%

2. Enjoying some alone time together 29%

3. Pampering treatments together 25%

4. Having sex in a new/different location 21%

5. Soft,fluffy dressing gowns 19%

6. The female/male masseuse 17%

7. Getting away from the children 17%

8. Having more sex than usual 16%

9. A skin softening facial 14%

10. Seeing their partner in swimwear 10%

So it’s not all about the spa it’s a bit about the extra sexual opportunities! Go on, grab a spa break today.

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