100% Jojoba

Jojoba Oil

Any Australian product that comes across my desk always gets a second look from me. I am, after all from “Down Under”. Born and bred. This is a new one to me.

It’s marketed as a multi-tasker and as its a pure oil – its does just that. 100% Natural Australian Jojoba Oil (30ml £12.99, 85ml £19.99) is being tauted as a shave oil, post-shave hydrator and even beard oil.

As it acts like natural sebum, it helps to protect and condition facial hair. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and can safely and effectively heal shaving nicks and in-grown hairs. It does have a good glide and protects the skin from razor burn. I’m usually a bit lazy to use a shave oil AND shave gel. But when I can be bothered (remember) I really notice the difference in finish.

Here’s a couple of top tips:

Shave Prep: Apply Jojoba Oil to your skin before applying shaving cream or foam and rub it into your skin for a more comfortable shave.

After shave moisturiser: Apply two to three drops of Jojoba Oil directly onto wet skin after you shave, to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth and to help reduce shaving rash. A small amount of Jojoba Oil on wet skin will spread a long way.

100% Natural Australian Jojoba is a broad spectrum gift straight from nature. It has nothing added, is suitable for vegans contains no parabens, chemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances, colours, perfumes, PEGs, mineral oil, petrochemicals, animal testing or animal derivatives to give optimum results naturally.

Available from 30ml £12.99, 85ml £19.99, for stockists please call: 01622859898 or visit