4 of the best shave creams

4 of the best: shave creams

I’m still getting to grips with shave creams, preferring a much lazier option of a gel that foams. I sometimes add in a shave oil, but always do plenty of prep and warm my face with a hot face cloth and even scrub in advance sometimes. so I put some to the test to create a hot list of 4 of the best shave creams.

So, the shave cream. It’s designed to act as a shave medium and lubricant for the blade. Usually more hydrating and caring for the skin (gels and foams can be drying) these are great if you have sensitive skin. I do find they take a little more work and extra rinsing from the blade. That said, they are kinder to the skin so worth the effort.

Here’s my pick of the best:

Molton Brown Skin-Calm Shaving Cream

This is from the new Molton Brown men’s skincare range and as the name says is crafted with skin calming properties. Great for sensitive skin with barley extract to calm and prep the skin. Nice fresh scent. 


The Bluebeards Revenge: The Shaving Solution

Whilst this isn’t strickly branded as a shave cream, it effectively is, hence is place on the list. It has a slightly slippery texture that ensure the “glide” which allows the razor to move effortlessly across the face without snagging. It also has Decelerine, which reduces the appearace of beard growth whilst moisturising the skin.


The Shave Doctor Ultimate Shave Creme

This does make a bold claim to be the ultimate shave cream and it’s good. It produces a good glide on the skin and contains tea tree oil which is healing and great for healing the skin. The tea tree oil isn’t too overpowering either.


Mazorin Ockham’s Razor Shaving Cream

Packed with lots of rich, lubricating and hydrating ingredients, this is one of my top picks from the tested range. With Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6: extracted from camelina sativa and sunflower, the omega fatty acids improve skin moisture. Really nice consistency and great shave.