An introduction to SKN-RG

SKN-RG men's skincare line to target hydration, ageing and skin firmness

I come across lots of men’s skincare and many brands come and go, but SKN-RG sparked my interest as it is spa-oriented (you can create spa facials at home) certified organic, Cruelty Free (Leaping Bunny) and also certified by the Vegan Society.

I know how much time and effort goes into securing these certifications so wanted to deep dive into the story and check out the products for their efficacy. I’m also keen to spotlight independent British brands, now more than ever.

The husband and wife team behind the brand built the first Quanta® extraction machine which is said to extract the the full benefits of the plant ingredients in the formulas, using a broad spectrum of light and sound in this unique process. Whilst I’m not exactly sure how this works, I can confirm that the ingredients list reads like a dream. There’s an exceptional range of plant and botanical extracts. SKN-RG features a full skincare line, and a capsule collection of men’s skincare featuring six targeted products and a travel set.

I was interested in the SKN-RG Wash Shave 2 in 1 (£30) and that’s where my journey began. I tried it in the shower and found the texture of the product hard to manage as a face wash. It’s gel-like texture didn’t adhere to the skin and I found it fell off before I had the chance to fully cleanse and wash. I did try it outside the shower with similar results. With a slight scent of bubblegum (at least that’s what I got from it) I decided to trial it as a shave product and this is where it came into its own. Formulated without SLS, it doesn’t lather like a traditional foaming shave gel, but once worked into the skin, it provides a great medium to shave, protecting the skin and providing a protective barrier whilst enabling the razor to do its job. I was sold. A little goes a long way and I’m still using it.

I also had the chance to try the SKN-RG Active Moisturiser (£40) and loved it. The texture was light enough for day time use, didn’t leave the skin shiny, but ensured it was hydrated throughout the day. It’s also great post-shave. I’m too lazy to use a separate post-shave product – so this solved that issue.

The Active Moisturiser is formulated with Colloidal Silver, which helps to repair damaged, ‘razored’ skin and sensitive skin; freulic acid from Apple seeds is a potent antioxidant and the Arctic cloudberry (watch this ingredient – I keep seeing it pop up) helps to brighten and energise the skin. It’s a stellar list and I use the moisturiser daily.

Check out the SKN-RG range HERE