Burger King spa opens in Finland

Burger King opens spa in Finland The Spa Man

It’s only natural that a Burger King spa opens in Finland – right? It’s the traditional home of the sauna. The Fins are renowned throughout the world for their rugged approach to getting hot and steamy and then jumping in a freezing lake. Some run around in the snow. So the news that Burger King, yes you heard it right, Burger King has opened a spa in Finland’s capital, Helsinki is not that surprising.

Burger King spa opens in Helsinki

It’s reported to be a fully functioning spa that’s an add-on to the burger joint which will allow patrons to eat their burgers and fries in a sauna capable of seating up to 15 people. And it doesn’t stop there, there is a range of high-tech add ons. The red and blue benches in the sauna pick out the chains logo and create a bright and breezy look, designed by Finnish designer Teuvo Loman. The spa area also features a 48-inch TV for viewing movies, as well as a gaming lounge, complete with 55-inch TV and a Playstation 4 console. You can even order in – servers will bring you your order.

Burger King opens spa in Finland

According to the dedicated website, the sauna is ‘perfect for social gatherings or work’. Yes, perfect for work. Please consider it for your next team away day – what could be more conducive to team building than enjoying.

There’s a shower, locker room and toilet attached to freshen up before and afterwards. It’s all quite smart.

Burger King opens spa in Finland - The Spa Man

Finns love to sauna

Whilst I’m not sure I would want to chow down on a burger whilst sweating like a pig. Finn’s do love to sauna. I have read that there is a sauna for every three people in the country of Finland. That’s a lot of saunas, and many people have their own private ones at home. So, it might be time to book a flight and head North to check out the news that a Burger King spa opens in Finland.

Hiring the spa area will cost £250 for three hours.


    • Kim, absolutely. Not that keen on Burger King myself, but have to say it shows how spa is crossing over into the mainstream.

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