Caudalie suncare is ocean and coral friendly (and is rather excellent)

Caudalie suncare - The Spa Man

Caudalie suncare is leading the beauty industry with it commitment to protecting the skin from sun damage while respecting the delicate balance of marine life.

Offering a high-tech solution to a growing environmental problem, Caudalie has adopted an eco-friendly approach to this collection of Caudalie suncare products. I have tried these under the harsh Australian sun and they work a dream. Lightweight, non-greasy, easily applied and water resistant, the formula is delicately scented with frangipani. It’s a tropical holiday in a bottle and I loved it.

Caudalie Suncare - The Spa Man

Recognising that 14,000 tonnes of sun cream are discharged onto coral reefs (many with damaging chemicals), the brand has devoted years of research to finding a solution that balances the need for sun protection, safety and the needs of the environment. Mathilde Thomas, founder, explains: “For my new suncare range, I didn’t want to compromise between protecting the skin and protecting nature. For many years, we have been working on skincare formulas that give the senses an experience and are eco-friendly.” The result is a five-piece collection of skin and ocean friendly products offering maximum protection which minimises harm to coral reefs.

Caudalie suncare SPF 30 Milky lotion - The Spa Man

Caudalie has worked to eliminate chemical filters suspected of being endocrine disruptors (such as octinoxate, octocrylene and nanoparticle filters) as well as the filters known to be toxic to the marine eco-system (oxybenzone and octinoxate) which kill thousands of corals every year. The line is formulated with just four water-resistant non-hydrosoluble filters, which are also highly biodegradable.

The formulas contain two of Caudalie’s exclusive vine ingredients: organic grape water and grapeseed oil, and a new complex combining polyphenols, spruce and Vitamin E which boost the skin’s defences and protects against free radical damage. Each product is delicately scented with a summery blend of frangipani flowers.

Caudalie Suncare Sun-Oil-SPF30 - The Spa Man

The Caudalie suncare collection includes:

Anti-wrinkle Face Suncare SPF 30 and SPF 50 offer silicone-free, alcohol-free and non-comedogenic sun protection. Suitable for sensitive skin they defend and hydrate.

Suncare oil SPF 30 is formulated without alcohol and silicones, and blends nourishing grapeseed oil with sesame and sunflower oil, rich in Vitamin E for a long-lasting, radiant tan.

Milky Sun Spray SPF 30 and SPF 50 offer complete protection for the face and body from head to toe. This formula is alcohol-free, silicone-free and non-comedogenic making them suitable for sensitive skin.

Prices from £18.

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