Dorco Razors launch in the UK

Dorco Razors launch in the UK

In what is already a very crowded arena, Dorco Razors launch in the UK. Dominated by two major mass market brands, the shaving sector has shifted recently with the launch of bespoke, tailored subscription razors and they have really started to muscle in on the action. Cornerstone is the one that I’ve been most impressed with over the past few years.

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So, how does Dorco think it can gain a slice of the cut-throat razor market?

Experts in shaving technology for over 60 years it has launched what they say is the world’s first six blade razor, the Dorco Pace6+ .

The history of Dorco Razors

Tak Si-Geun founded Dorco in the newly formed South Korea in 1955. Little did he know back then that we would become the industry leader we are today, helping over 100 million people enjoy a comfortable shave and look their best in more than 130 countries around the world.

Dorco Razors launch in the UK

Dorco Razors launch in the UK with Dorco Pace 6+

The Dorco Pace6+ is designed to give the best shaving experience possible. You can shape and style beards and sideburns using its trimmer blade, or use the wide guard bar to prepare hair for a deep shave. I have been trialling this for a few weeks now and it does give a nice close shave. But, can I tell the difference between a three-blade, four-blade, or five-blade razor? I will be honest – the difference is minimal. The ergonomic design is a real plus point. It holds well, feels nice in the hand and works well across the contours of the face.

It’s ergonomically designed non-slip handle does ensure a perfect grip and with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender Oil infused moisturising strips, skin is left soothed and protected.

Order online shop at or on Amazon UK.  You can also subscribe to Razors By Dorco and get 10% off the regular price, free delivery and a free handle.




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    Trying to obtain information where to purchase Dorco Pace 6 blades in UK. Unfortunatley cannot u wish to purchase Dorco page on line as they have this message at bottom of page that seems to prevent any input to the page for registration. Please can you advise what one should do as I do wish to purchase a new razor every time I require new blades.

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