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Red Anchor is another new men’s grooming launch (in an already crowded men’s grooming market) which focusses its attention on the beard. British born, the brand uses lots of cold pressed oils in its range and is making a mark for itself. It’s a compact collection of products ranging from shower gels to shave products, but no moisturisers or skincare at this stage, it’s all about cleansing and shaving. I tried out the Red Anchor Sandalwood Beard and Face Cleanser which combines Sandalwood Oil, Organic Argan, Black Seed oils and extracts of Flame tree and Seaweed. These are designed to remove impurities from the skin and boosts natural barriers to ward off dirt. With natural anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin and cleanse, the warm, heady scent of Sandalwood helps relaxation, RRP £12.50 for 250 ml.

Red Anchor

It did what it promised and cleansed the face and beard. And beard cleansing is a routine that should be done each and every day. However, I preferred it just for the beard and reverted to my usual cream cleanser from Sodashi for the rest of my face. The scent was nice and it lingered for a little while through the morning.

Red Anchor Men's grooming

It also comes in Sea Breeze Beard and Face Cleanser combines natural extracts of Mountain Pepper Berry and Seaweed extracts with concentrated honey and Organic Aloe Vera, to leave the skin and beard clean and the face feeling fresh and revived, RRP £12.50 for 250 ml.

Sandalwood Beard Oil contains the reviving scent of Lavandin Oil Grosso as well as natural woody scents of Sandalwood known to be calming and up lifting. Sea Breeze Oil contains the scents of Sea Grass. The Red Anchor Beard Oils retail at RRP £14.50 for 50 ml. Beard oils are ok for a shorter beard where the oil can reach the skin, I think that a beard balm works more effectively for styling and taming a longer beard, the sandalwood oil from Red Anchor is a nice blend.

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  1. Chris F says

    The beard oil, Face & beard, post shave balm and shower Gel are the best products I’ve ever used… My wife loves them… Come on guys… You know she’s worth it…

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