Global Wellness Day – 13th June 2015

Global Wellness Day

Most of us would like to be a bit healthier, to look better, and to live well both physically and emotionally. It’s about living well. It’s so important that a special day has been dedicated to wellness – it’s Global Wellness Day.

With the slogan “One day can change your whole life,” you too can celebrate Global Wellness Day which takes places on the second Saturday of June every year as an international day dedicated to living well. Founded in Turkey three years ago, Global Wellness Day is an international non-profit making movement created by volunteers dedicated to living well.

In order to make Wellness a lifestyle, Global Wellness Day aims to adopt the following seven simple steps. What is important is not to implement all of the steps all at once, but to incorporate at least just a few of them into your daily life on a regular basis.

Global Wellness Day 7 step manifesto

Here in the UK, the UK Spa Association has become an official ambassador for Global Wellness Day. Global Wellness Day is supported by lifestyle oriented entrepreneurs and wellness professionals from all around the world and brings together exercise, healthy eating and inner health. It is a special opportunity to bring together the wellness world in an inspiring mission.

The UK Spa Association is working with its members and the UK spa and salon industry to embrace Global Wellness Day to increase awareness of the importance of wellness. Businesses are getting involved by organising their own events incorporating indoor and outdoor activities and covering all aspects of healthy living: exercise, nutrition, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Chair of the UK Spa Association, Charlie Thompson says “Following on from the success of National Spa Week, when we heard about Global Wellness Day we just knew we had to become part of it. With wellness at the heart of our industry and as an established international project, this provides UK spa and salon businesses with a fantastic opportunity to shout about their own wellness and feel good services. From a marketing point of view, it also provides the perfect platform for promoting summer packages and treatments. We hope as many businesses as possible will participate to show how important it is within the UK market to raise awareness of wellness.”

For further information or to participate in this year’s Global Wellness Day visit here www.globalwellnessday.org