Glowing Flow announces April retreat dates in Phuket, Thailand [AD]

Glowing Flow Retreat in Phuket

Glowing Flow has announced two new retreats in April 2019 at the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort in Rawai, Phuket. Nestled on a hilltop in lush tropical gardens with spectacular ocean views, the uniquely designed resort is adults only and offers privacy and relaxation for guests away from the crowds.

Glowing Flow is a residential retreat that promotes health and happiness in equal measure. Expanding creativity, calming the mind, lightening the heart, it combines a psycho-emotional approach to spa and wellness with life-enhancing activities designed to reignite the hidden spark within, revealing an inner glow.

Glowing Flow Retreat - Thailand

Award-winning Spa Director, Patrizia Bortolin and internationally renowned body work expert, Stefano Battaglia have curated Glowing Flow based on their many years of practice in health, spa, wellness and the pursuit of happiness and inner peace. Having worked together at some of Europe’s leading wellness destinations including Borgo Egnazia in Italy and Euphoria Retreat in Greece, they have crafted a unique proposition.

Featuring an inspiring mix of mindfulness, trauma healing, mindful running, and self-discovery, the programme takes each guest on a guided, yet personal journey which blends sensorial experiences with Patrizia including psycho-aromatherapy, colour-tests and Yoga Nidra with the search for inner peace, happiness and contentment. Life-changing, healing, empowering and elevating, the body, mind and spirit will benefit as one.

Glowing Flow Retreat - Phuket

Glowing Flow retreat includes:

Two mindfulness lessons

Three mindfulness meditation group sessions

Four Yoga Nidra inspired sessions

One healing session with Stefano Battaglia 80’ minutes and final feedback

One private psycho-aromatherapy test

Two experiential, sensorial development classes

Two mindful running group sessions

One glimpse of silent retreat

One private self-discovery session through colours

Two personalised sensorial bath kits

PRICE: (per person):

6 nights, full board, double room 1387 euro, single room 1650 euro approx (according to exchange rate THB)


19 – 25 April

25 April – 1 May

Glowing Flow Retreat - Phuket

Stefano Battaglia

Stefano is renowned across Europe as a multi-talented body work therapist.  Head Therapist and Concept Supervisor at Borgo Egnazia, Italy from 2013 – 2017, he developed an intense, spiritual approach to the body that is truly one-of-a-kind.  His name is a whispered secret amongst spa and travel journalists who have experienced his unique therapeutic touch which is often life-changing. His original approach combines mindfulness, coaching, gentle osteopathically-based body therapy to address chronic stress, injuries and pain or problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. He also incorporates Trauma Touch Skills, using these gentle disciplines to explore the hidden emotions held in the body, to connect with the heart of the person, and helps to reveal and release these emotions allowing the guest to ‘move on’ to a happier, joyful, more settled state of mind.

READ about the Spa Man’s experience with Stefano at Borgo Egnazia HERE

Patrizia Bortolin

Award-winning Spa Director and internationally renowned spa expert, Patrizia has a deep passion for healing, psychology and spirituality. She has used this knowledge to develop some of the world’s most acclaimed spa projects as Concept Designer and Spa Director over the past 15 years. Patrizia specialises in developing world-class healing and happiness programmes and has created some of the most distinct spa treatments and programmes based on a psycho-emotional approach beautifully blended beauty with sensorial pleasure. She is a mindfulness teacher, a leading expert in psycho-aromatherapy, a colour coach, a certified happiness coach and also teacher of one of her favourite practices Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep that she recently discovered.

To book: www.mangosteen-phuket.com