Gruhme for him

Grume Eau de Toilette No14 - The Spa Man

Gruhme is a very British story about fragrance. Created by former lawyer Rob Hallmark, he wanted to craft a new way for men’s grooming.

Gruhme is the brainchild of Rob Hallmark, our CEO and Founder (pictured). Rob grew up in the West Midlands where he spent seven years as a lawyer advising businesses before deciding to follow his heart and start his own. Rob was convinced the male grooming sector could appeal to the modern male consumer in a new way

Beginning with fragrance the brand debuted in 2013. the newest kid on the block is Gruhme for Him Eau de Toilette No.14 – which is light, fresh and modern. When I first captured the scent, an early Ted Baker fragrance sprung to mind. But it’s a more complex story than that. It’s where it ends up that most appeals to me. It’s a long-lasting fragrance that works well day and night, although for me its a nice day time scent that I like to wear to casual business meetings. I have it in mind for an upcoming summer wedding too. It has enough brand based appeal to attract a substantial audience and with the right positioning and some additional clever marketing, I think we will see more from this brand.

Grume Eau de Toilette No.14 fragrance for men - The Spa Man

The packaging screams this is for men. Black packaging – the fonts are smart and its wears its Britishness on its sleeve. and for later on in 2016 – we are promised a whole grooming line including a shave range. It’s a tough market, so lets see how it goes.