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How to…care for your moustache

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It’s Movember and for the uninitiated, growing a mo is no simply task. OK, the hair growth might be easy – but defining a shape and style – that takes some time effort, and a touch of class. There’s a real art to growing a moustache – something that with a little love and attention will give you a facial focus to be proud of.

Gentlemen’s Tonic, specialists in male grooming and wet shaving has shared a few top tips on how to keep a handle on your moustache:

1.    They suggest you call in the professionals. (OK, you say – they would say that – but with a professional shape and style first – you can use your time to craft and maintain at home). I sought the expert advice at Gentelmen’s Tonic for my beard and have never looked back.

2.    Keep it clean: You need to wash your moustache! Using your regular facial wash is fine, although perhaps introduce a scrub once a week. A slick of conditioner applied every time you wash your hair will keep it soft. Always wash with warm water after eating.

3.    Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise: Skin under facial hair can become particularly dry as hair can wick moisture away from the skin, leaving it itchy and flaky – not a good look. So when moisturising pay particular attention to the skin underneath facial hair, taking care to massage in the product.

4.    Precision is everything: Keep it maintained. Achieve an even length by investing in a specialist trimmer, and remove the guard to give your moustache a neat edge, always making sure it’s level with the lip line or just above.

5.    Use a comb: It’s your ultimate styling tool for a thick tache. Particularly helpful if you are mimicking 80’s sex symbol Tom Selleck’s iconic look. But don’t make the mistake of thinking any old comb will do, buy a moustache comb and get combing!