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How to…guide to manscaping


Manscaping is now a commonly used and accepted term for trimming, shaping and waxing body hair. It seems we are obsessed with body hair – and it’s removal. I’m fairly well-endowed (with body hair) and use clippers to keep my back and shoulder hair in check, and give my chest hair a trim now and then.

It’s a fairly easy thing to do, you simply need the right tools and an idea of what shape and style you want. If you believe Braun, then you should use the new Braun cruZer6 range. I’ve given it a trial run and am impressed with the results. It’s good for sculpting and trimming different lengths, but takes a little while for a full trim if you are, say the wooly jumper, or something similar.

Braun has gone to the trouble of conducting a survey into manscaping habits of men, it has given a style guide as well.

The study by Braun reveals that over 70% of men trim their body hair, with almost a third taking over 20 minutes to get the job done.

41% say a good trim boosts their confidence while almost a quarter admit it’s a labour of love to please their other half.

66% of men view body and facial hair as part of their look and style.

What I loved most about this study is how Braun has identified the top styles that dominate the male grooming landscape.

THE-TREEThe Tree (20%)

The typical version of The Tree involves shaping a moderate amount of hair on the upper chest with a small trail leading down to the stomach. Most popular amongst the ‘younger generation’ (21%), this evergreen approach to manscaping allows men to have a standard growth of hair all year round.


THE-TREEThe Top Heavy (15%)

These guys like it heavy up top and little on the tummy. As seen on Brit legends Keith Lemon and Robbie Williams, this look is fairly popular across the board, sported by men of all ages.



THE-SNAILThe Snail (11%)

This style is common amongst younger men who want to keep any hair above the belly button at bay, with a small trail of hair across the stomach.




THE-WOOLY-JUMPERThe Woolly Jumper (11%)

Most impressively, but not for the faint at heart, these hirsute gentlemen channel their inner-cavemen externally in a style which is most popular amongst those 31 years and over. If you are this hairy – then the Braun cruZer6 is for you.



THE-RUGThe Rug (14%)

This look epitomises ‘daddy cool’ with celebrity supporters including Tom Selleck and The Hoff. Fans of this style tend to be 25 years and over.



Braun Creative Director Fabio Vivan reveals how to manscape with confidence: ‘The trick is to trim little and often, this will make your selected manscape easier to maintain. Use the Braun cruZer6 in the shower, pulling the skin tight and work gently in the opposite direction of hair growth. Job done.’

The Braun cruZer6 range is available in the UK at Boots, Amazon, Argos, larger supermarkets & other good electrical retailers.  Visit for more information.