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eat less

Eating and dieting has blossomed into a multi-million pound industry. You can follow the latest fad diet that combines food groups or blood type; that starves you on certain days of the week or that restricts you to protein, but as far as I can see it it is a very simple equation. To lose weight you need to eat less and move more. I use the word move instead of exercise. Exercise is a word that instills fear into people. The thought of joining the gym and being sporty is alienating and off putting. But to move – to simply move your body. That is all is required. Walking, swimming and cycling. Gardening, housework, yoga. Move.

After Christmas I hopped on the scales and found I was reaching the upper limit of my acceptable body weight. My jeans were a bit tighter and my belly was sticking out a bit. So I promptly reduced my food intake to normal levels and moved more. Yes I do go to the gym and I love it. But I cycle, I walk, I do the housework – it all adds up. Within three weeks I have over lost 2 kilos (over 4 pounds) and am well on my way to a happier body weight and correct BMI.

Eat less, move more.

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