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How to supplement your skin

The Spa Man's guide to how to supplement your skin. The concept of supporting healthy skin function from the inside out

So here is The Spa Man’s guide to how to supplement your skin. The concept of supporting healthy skin function from the inside out makes perfect sense to me. Skin is alive, it’s our largest organ and is contantly renewing itself. Why not ensure that it is healthy and properly nourished with the correct level of vitamins, essential fatty acids and trace minerals.

I do firmly believe in supplementing the skin with a healthy diet and nutritional supplements. It is all very well applying lots of topical creams and serums to your skin, but if it isn’t healthy and working at its optimum level, these will only provide a hydrating benefit and possibly little else.

I spoke to a nutritional expert about the concept of supplementing the skin. Lorraine Perretta, nutrititional consultant at the International Institute for Anti-Ageing explains, ‘Vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids actually nourish the skin from within and these nutrients are important for the production of skin cells. For example, the cell membrane of a skin cell is made from essential fatty acids. These fats prevent the cell from drying out and thus help the skin to retain moisture. Vitamin C is necessary for healthy collagen. If there aren’t enough of these nutrients in the diet, the skin cells will be less than healthy.’

How to supplement your skin

I’ve picked a few hero supplements for the skin below to guide you through the maze of supplements.

How to supplement your skin - imedeen for men

The one for men

Imedeen has long been touted by the beauty press as the go-to supplement for supporting skin from the inside out. All the Beauty Editors swear by it, so it was only natural for Imedeen to diversify and bring out other lines including one for men. Our skin is different after all. Imedeen for Men (man-age-ment) is rich in Vitamin C and a Marine Complex which contains proteins and polysaccharides which are said to be similar to those naturally found in the skin’s supporting tissue – these help hydrate and support the skin’s structure. Vitamin C is important in the formation of collagen, which is important for the structure of the skin. Vitamin C is an important anti-oxidant too. There’s also Zinc which contributes to maintenance of normal healthy looking skin.

Additionally, this supplement boasts LycoPhenceGS Forte™, a mineral enriched anti-oxidant complex composed of lycopene, grapeseed extract, vitamin C and zinc.

£40.99 for a month’s supply

supplements - anti-age-40

The age-appropriate one

Functionalab Anti-Age 40+ is designed for more mature skin – and yes, I’m over 40 so this is for me. It supports skin hydration and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles appearance. Anti-Age 40+ brings together antioxidants (free radical scavengers) and omega-3 fatty acids. By supplying such active components as well as other antioxidants in the form of lutein and zeaxanthin.



How to supplement your skin

The all-rounder

This has everything for the guy who wants to know how to supplement your skin. You get a strip of capsules to take everyday. Pro-Vitality from the Advanced Nutrition Programme does the lot. It’s got a multivitamin and mineral complex, super charged Vitamin C complex, antioxidants (including resveratrol), bioflavinoids, phospholipids, amino acids and essential fatty acids including (which I think is great) alpha-lipoic acid with carnitine and a brain support complex. This is the full works, the big breakfast of supplements. There are six supplement capsules to take each day – yes that is a big commitment, but you get 45 minerals, vitamins and trace elements plus your essentials fatty acids and the other specialised anti-oxidants.

£46.75 for a 28 day supply