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ilapothecary London, Notting Hill - the Spa Man

ilapothecary is a delightful little store in London’s Notting Hill that promotes health, wellness and happiness.  A haven of peace, calm and tranquillity, you will find the full range of ilapothecary products, developed by the inspirational Denise Leicester as well as a concise menu of therapies for the mind, body and soul.

The shop is a little townhouse with retail area in the front and centre. Up a few steps and you enter the lounge space which is both the pre and post treatment area and doubles as a wellness workshop space. There are some enlightened workshops on offer throughout the week including:

432 Sound Healing

Breathing Class and Inner Relaxation

Wellness Workshop (which often includes sleep talks)

Yoga Nidra and Gong Bathing

These are £15 – Redeemable against products in store.

ilapothecary shop, London Notting Hill - the Spa Man

The treatment at ilapothecary

Whilst drinking tea I completed the consultation questionnaire which is distinct. It doesn’t follow the traditional format you would find in a spa and focuses on energy, mood and draws on the concepts of the five elements to work out what you need right here, right now. I was a bit unbalanced and my heart needed support. So Denise recommended a combination of therapies to suit me including Beat the Blues Back Massage, Reflexology and Energy Healing. The treatment with Pedro was just what I needed. It combined inhalation, breath work, muscle release with reflexology and the power of touch. Alternating between powerful movements to release tension in my back, neck and shoulders, it was interspersed with gentle cocooning movements and slow flowing massage strokes. The reflexology combined foot massage and deep press point work and the healing was calm, powerful and effective. I felt renewed, restored and rebalanced afterwards. 100% better than when I walked in the door.

ilapothecary, London Notting Hill - the Spa Man

About ilapothecary

Ilapothecary is a cutting-edge combination of naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology and phyto-actves. Focussing on prevention and to remedy the daily ills that modern life presents, the products are designed to boost the mood, soothe stress, mental fatigue and fight environmental and digital pollution. Using 100% organic ingredients the products the ilapothecary range is accessible, easy to understand and combines health and wellness with beauty in a modern way that very few brands manage to achieve. I was offered SOS Pearl Drops as a homeopathic remedy to boost my mood and Calm Butterfly’s Soothing Balm to nourish the skin. There’s a men’s range on offer too with Beardy Balm (you guessed it for beards) and Stubble Trouble Face Serum just to name a few.

The details:

Here are a few of the treatments on offer on the menu.

432 Re-Balancing Reflexology – 45 minutes: £65

Beat The Blues Back Massage – 45 minutes: £65

Digital Detox Facial Therapy – 45 minutes: £65

SOS Immune System Support – 45 minutes: £65

Happy Hormone Equilibrium – 45 minutes: £65

ilapothecary shop, London Notting Hill - The Spa Man


99 Kensington Church Street



W8 7LN