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Jonathan Wards Candles - The Spa Man

This is a story about candles, Jonathan Ward Candles to be precise. Everyone loves a candle and we all like to ensure that are houses smell divine. Call it hyggye, Scandi chic or simply adding home comforts. There’s nothing that beats the warm golden glow of a candle. It’s comforting, cocooning and creates a spa-at-home effect in an instant. But not all candles are created equal. Peruse any department store shelf and you will come across the good, the bad and the ugly.  Sickly, sweet and cheap fragrances abound. Yes there are some glorious exceptions, but few appeal to this nose. When buying a candle, I tend to stick with tried and tested brands that combine aromatherapy blends in a very spa-like scent. It’s where I feel most comfortable.  Then I had the chance to meet Jonathan Ward, master candle maker with a warm heart and a gentle manner. He’s making a comeback on the candle scene (read more about his story over at The Times here). It’s been a long (and sometimes challenging) journey and the resulting collection that he plans bears witness to the blood sweat and tears that have gone into his forthcoming line.

I got a sneak preview of the new Jonathan Ward Candles recently and was wowed by what I saw (and smelled). So far there are six candles that are sophisticated blends of the finest scents. There is a depth and quality that you rarely find in commercial candle collections. These are distinct in that they are all hand poured and combine nuanced notes that are subtle and striking.

Jonathan Ward Candles

The later designs – image courtesy Andy Rouillard

The blends that Jonathan has created so far are an elegant mix of scents that will have broad appeal. There are some within the line that I got to see and smell that are far more refined and offer a distinct insight into the brilliance of what Ward has to offer.

I have been given a trial run of Carmen and it suits my sensibilities perfectly. Jonathan explains a bit about the inspiration: “This aroma is inspired by the inspirational story of Carmen Miranda. Her story is a story of a desire for a different life, a colourful life. And she used the tools that were at her disposal. Her sexuality, vibrance and heritage.” Explaining more about the scent, (and he’s far better at describing it than me, he says: “This scent was intended to be a warm sexual citrus explosion. Just as Carmen exploded onto the Hollywood arena with her signature fruit head dress composed of multiple citrus fruits.”

Jonathan continues: “Rich vibrant and bold citrus notes focusing on the intensity of rind and pulp. Kumquat, White Grapefruit, Mandarin and lemon form the central explosion grounded against the sensuality of Portuguese sensuality, with hints of amber, raspberry leaf, tonka and spice… citrus explosion on a deep bed of Brazilian sexuality.”

He hopes that this candle marks a new chapter in citrus aroma and I believe he is right. It’s complex and rich, not saccharine or sweet.

Jonathan Ward Candles - The Spa Man

Jonathan Ward Candles:

100% organic certified wax.

10% luscious rich fragrance oils – 78% natural oils and 22% fragrance oils

Final product 97.8% pure and natural.

Presented in an Italian crystal tumbler

The oils are ethically produced and from certified global suppliers. You won’t find any glues, resins, paraffin or rape seed here. And the wicks are organic cotton. These little babies are hand poured too.

There’s an elegance to the blends that Jonathan Ward creates and it comes from a unique combination of brilliance and inspiration. Talking to him, you know there’s more than meets the eye. And there’s more to come so watch this space.


Private order for now via jonathan@jonathanward.me

Website : www.jonathanward.me


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  1. OMG Jonathan Ward is back! I tried finding him a while ago (there is a dissertation writing site up on his old website!) as I LOVED his old candle collections 😀

    Was just updating an old blog about making candles with him and I found your post! hope all is well with you, Mark!

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