Review: Neom Organics Treatment Rooms, Wimbledon

Neom Organics Wimbledon Village Store The Spa Man


Neom Organics launched its flagship store (complete with treatment rooms) in Wimbledon Village last year. Bringing the brand to a wider audience and introducing the treatments, the store is light, bright, inviting and a sensorial adventure.

From candles to room mists and oils to room diffusers, the range is vast and attends to the ills and troubles of mood, energy, sleep and stress. Neom has captured a unique place in the wellness market and specialises in scent, if you are looking to soothe or boost your mood, then this is the place.

Spa Review: Neom Organics Treatment Rooms Wimbledon The Spa Man


A recent innovation, Neom has created a number of wellbeing treatments which take a different approach to therapy. Instead of choosing what treatment you are having, you experience the Science of Scent ritual combined with a therapist consultation to determine what your body needs, which, according the Neom is often different from what your mind tells you.
After the scent test (you smell one of four candles for each ritual) I needed sleep as Tranquillity is the scent designed to promote better sleep.

The treatment begins with a guided mediation and specific rituals to ensure that you are surrounded by the calming and healing essential oils of the blend. The guided mediation was perfect for centring me in the moment. Some breathing exercises follow and soon I was lost in the moment. Whilst this is happening, a foot reflexology treatment takes place which then moves to the body and switches to a massage treatment. The guided meditation gentle ends when the background music takes over.

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The massage technique incorporates shiatsu, acupressure and whole range of disciplines. It’s forceful at times, firm and definite, but mixed with gentle strokes and plenty of stretching and some head massage and facial muscle work to reduce tension in the jaw and facial area.
The massage uses warm and cocooning candle wax. It’s warm, soothing and crafted from soy and cocoa. It’s quite something. Blending techniques from many disciplines, it’s more than a massage and is a journey. I really did float out of the treatment room and wanted to curl up and have a nap on the he way home.

Spa Review: Neom Treatment Room - The Spa Man


The guided meditation during the treatment
The multi-sensory experience
Meeting founder Nicola Elliot
Enjoying the destress kit at home

Spa review: Neom Treatment Rooms Wimbledon The Spa Man


There was noise during the treatment, the rooms could have been soundproofed a bit better


Neom Wellbeing Treatment: £70 for 60 minutes and £95 for 90 minutes