Arabian Beard Ritual reviewed at The Spa at Dolphin Square

Arabian Beard Ritual - The Spa Man

Capitalising on the continuing popularity of the beard trend (which I might note at this point – we have not yet reached peak beard), The Spa at Dolphin Square has added a rather impressive new treatment for men to its spa menu. The Arabian Beard Ritual is all about the beard. It’s not offered in a barbers chair and you won’t get a trim and style, but unlike anything I’ve experienced in a spa to date, your beard is cleansed, massaged and combed to perfection. To start, it begins with a light cleanse and hot towel refresh of the beard and so begins the ritual. Then, in true Moroccan style, the therapist applies thick, unctuous amounts of traditional black soap – Savon Noir.

Arabian Beard Ritual - The Spa Man

Arabian Beard Ritual Reviewed

A potent blend of eucalyptus, it’s a heady cleanser that is used to lather up the follicles and hairs on the face in what can only be described as a good and thoroughly scrub. The muscles on the face are gently massaged which relieves tension in the jaw and was totally relaxing. Hot towels work to remove the black soap suds then more massage with Argan oil adds a conditioning touch to the hair. It’s all very relaxing and concludes with small circular brushing of the hairs to lift them. My beard was left looking glossy and fresh.

Arabian Beard Ritual - The Spa Man


The whole thing from start to finish takes about 25 minutes after which you are invited for tea and a snack of Houmous and flat bread. Taking time out to lie down on a treatment bed is relaxing anyway – but this new ritual takes grooming to another level. I absolutely loved it and suggest that any hirsute guys out there head to The Spa at Dolphin Square as soon as possible.

Dolphin Square launches Arabian Beard Ritual - The Spa Man


The Arabian Beard Ritual is the brainchild of Dolphin Square’s Marketing Manager, Ricardo Faria Ornelas, who came up with concept based on the proven hygiene benefits of beard grooming. “The fact that facial hair is very course means that beards are likely to trap dirt and harbour germs which can lead to skin infections” Ricardo comments. “With this in mind, it is important to keep both the beard and the surrounding skin clean to maximise facial hygiene”.

The Arabian Beard Ritual costs £30 book here: The Spa at Dolphin Square