Sothys seasonal facial

red apple

To combat the effects of a harsh winter, Sothys has crafted a limited edition seasonal facial boosted with pear and grape extracts. Providing an intensive mineral boost, the Oxygenating Facial harnesses the anti-oxidant properties of grapes and the softening action of pears. Working together, the ingredients help restore the skins’ natural suppleness and radiance. This new spa treatment combines four tailored products, two of which are also available for home use. Activating cellular regeneration and stimulating cellular defences, it provides the first line of facial defence against the harsh winter weather and is a great spa treatment for men and women alike.  The two new retail products to the Sothys spa range that are suitable for professional use include the 2 in 1 Mask Exfoliant. It’s a gentle and effective product that contains polyethylene particles for soft mechanical exfoliation to remove dead cells and impurities. Used as a mask, it acts as a source of oxygen for the skin and contains the additional benefits of pink clay which purifies, oxygenates, remineralizes and detoxifies. The second product launch with this seasonal facial is the Oxy-vitamin Treatment. This features a complex of multifunctional anti-toxins (phytoplankton, yeast and polyphenols) that work to activate cellular regeneration, helping to oxygenate the skin. Boosted by a cocktail of minerals including magnesium and zinc, the treatment product works to revitalise and stimulate cellular defence.

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