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Soak Steam Dream Roca Gallery

Soak, Steam, Dream: Reinventing Bathing Culture

Soak, Steam, Dream: Reinventing Bathing Culture 16 September 2016 – 28 January 2017 Admission free Soak, Steam, Dream: Reinventing Bathing Culture is a new exhibition that explores a new communal bathing culture through the work of contemporary architects and designers. The exhibition is part of the 2016 London Design Festival and features international bathhouse projects by Peter Zumthor, Skene Catling de la Peña, H3T architekti and Kengo Kuma. These all re-imagine the bathhouse as a social space, factoring in smart water use for the 21st century. This is particularly exciting for The Spa Man, as it’s rare that spa and bathing culture receives this kind of public platform. This is especially interesting given that we are witnessing a return to traditional forms of bathing and a renewed interest in communal bathing traditions. Curator Jane Withers says, ‘There has been an extraordinarily rich architecture and culture associated with communal bathing since ancient times. With the arrival of the private bathroom and a more clinical approach to sanitation and wellbeing, we have lost this leisurely sense of the …