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How to reap the benefit of heat treatments in the spa

The health benefits of heat treatments are renowned. Inspired by the traditional cultures of Finland, Turkey, Russia and Morocco, the spa world has truly embraced the wellness rituals of getting hot, hot, hot. Here, The Spa Man gives you the low down on the best traditional heat and thermal experiences like the sauna, the Hammam, Rhassoul, Banya and Aufguss. All hot and bothered Getting hot and bothered may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but the health benefits speak for themselves. Cultures around the world have been using steam and dry heat to cleanse and purge the system, whilst keeping warm and staying fighting fit. The Finnish Sauna is the most famous and found in local leisure centres, gyms, hotels and spas across the globe. The steam room is equally popular, but it’s the rituals that come with these heat experiences that really make things interesting. The Hammam for example is a vigorous body treatment unlike anything else that draws on local Islamic culture with regional variations in Morocco and Turkey. The Rhassoul …

Burger King opens spa in Finland The Spa Man

Burger King spa opens in Finland

It’s only natural that a Burger King spa opens in Finland – right? It’s the traditional home of the sauna. The Fins are renowned throughout the world for their rugged approach to getting hot and steamy and then jumping in a freezing lake. Some run around in the snow. So the news that Burger King, yes you heard it right, Burger King has opened a spa in Finland’s capital, Helsinki is not that surprising. It’s reported to be a fully functioning spa that’s an add-on to the burger joint which will allow patrons to eat their burgers and fries in a sauna capable of seating up to 15 people. And it doesn’t stop there, there is a range of high-tech add ons. The red and blue benches in the sauna pick out the chains logo and create a bright and breezy look, designed by Finnish designer Teuvo Loman. The spa area also features a 48-inch TV for viewing movies, as well as a gaming lounge, complete with 55-inch TV and a Playstation 4 console. You can even …