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The Massage Company - The Spa Man review

Review: The Massage Company, Royal Tunbridge Wells

The Massage Company is a simple concept, it’s a wellbeing business that offers therapeutic massages for the masses. And there is beauty in this simplicity. Taking away the candles and tinkly bells (but keeping the soothing sounds reminiscent of spa music) this is the antithesis of a spa. I visited the location at Royal Tunbridge Wells which has 14 treatment rooms over two floors and includes one duo room. The reception area is simple, clean and modern, staff are friendly and welcoming, and the treatment rooms are fairly basic, featuring a treatment bed, chair for your stuff and a trolley for any equipment. It’s more wellness clinic than spa which is also evident in the experience. You are welcomed with a glass of water and a quick consultation. Post treatment there’s not a lot of time to linger. Once dressed it’s out to reception again (no post-treatment relaxation room). The treatment menu – keeping it simple The menu is straight forward, no nonsense and easy to understand.   There are four types of massage, explained in …