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Men’s wellness holiday bookings surge 42% Have you booked yours yet?

Now is the best time to book a men’s wellness retreat for your next holiday break, because it seems it’s on the rise. According to Health and Fitness travel, bookings have increased 42% since 2010. Paul Joseph, Founder of Health and Fitness Travel, says “Since 2010 we have seen a 42% increase in men booking wellness holidays. Men investing in their well-being and appearance is now so normal; many are living with extreme unprecedented stress due to growing work demands, and we have seen a growing interest from men towards self-care and health awareness. Most retreats and spas are gender neutral and cater equally to both sexes.” So with the help of Health and Fitness Travel I have compiled 8 of the best men’s wellness retreats for the health-conscious guy. It’s timely as in June it’s Men’s Health Week and Father’s Day. From pulse-raising boot camp fitness in Portugal to holistic weight loss in India, these healthy escapes are the perfect gift for men ready to make a positive change. Discover 8 of the best men’s wellness …