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Anxiety tips for Men - The Spa Man

5 tips on how men can fight anxiety

Anxiety is a common issue, so freelance writer, Peter Minkoff takes a look at 5 tips on how men can fight anxiety. He explains: Every man who believes that the best way to deal with life’s challenges and negativity is to “suck it up and be a man” is setting himself up for a world of emotional and psychological hardship. Yes, you should stay calm and composed, you should uphold some healthy habits and try to make the best of every situation, but that doesn’t mean that you should swallow your emotions. Yes, men suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s time to accept it and move on to the next phase – treatment. Between your hectic daily schedule at the office and your busy life back home, it can be difficult to find the time to sleep properly, reconnect with your partner and loved ones, or spend some quality time with yourself. All of this leads to anxiety down the road, so let’s take a look at some great tips on how a modern man …