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Neom Ultimate Reeds - The Spa Man

NEOM launches Ultimate Reed Diffuser Collection

NEOM has added to its Ultimate Collection with a new range of Ultimate Reed Diffusers. Designed to beautifully fragrance large spaces, make a statement in any home and deliver a powerful wellbeing treatment. This super-special trio are ultimate by name, ultimate by nature. From the intricate handmade marble design, to the 18 carat rose gold finish, the refillable Ultimate Reed Diffusers are super luxurious and provide the ultimate boost of wellbeing to help you De-Stress, boost energy and lift your mood. The diffusers are accompanied by natural reeds and are made with one of the 100% natural iconic Neom fragrances; Real Luxury, Complete Bliss and Happiness. I’m a big fan of a reed diffuser and you can read my round-up of the best HERE NEOM Founder and Creative Director Nicola Elliott; “Our Ultimate Candles get their perfect partner! Hand crafted marble design, 18 carat rose gold touches (and a splash of seriously cool colour), natural reeds, and not forgetting the fragrance! Let me remind you (if you don’t already know) our 100% natural super-complex expertly …

ESPA Winter Spice Reed Diffuser - The Spa Man

Five of the best: reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are like a grown up’s version of a scented candle. They infused the air with a gentle scent and aroma that can be calming and soothing or fragrant and uplifting. The old saying that you get what you pay for rings very true in this segment of the beauty industry. I have put my nose to many a reed diffuser only to draw back in horror. Sweet, sickly, cheap and nasty. Gift shops are the worst culprits. Hideous. Reed diffusers in the spa market are definitely worth the investment and give a rounded fragrance for the home that can enhance the mood because they are generally based on a blend of high quality essential oils. They last for weeks and weeks so it’s definitely worth upgrading to quality reed diffusers. Put one on your Christmas gift list now. Five of the best: reed diffusers     AromaWorks Serenity Reed Diffuser Uplifting and energising, the citrus, warm fragrance of lemongrass promises to energise the mind and body. Neroli calms and emotions and soothes stress. It’s a fabulous blend and one …