The best saunas with a view in the UK

Nordic sauna Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

Saunas have been popular for years and saunas with a view really are something special. Much more preferable than a closed, dark box room, now the trend in sauna design is to open them up, add windows and provide stunning views across the rest of the spa area and to the landscape beyond. Saunas with a view of natures, the forest, rivers or the seaside make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

The Finnish discovered that pouring water over heated rocks in a small enclosed room created a very hot, dry heat – the sauna. An essential component of any good spa, saunas come with a variety of benefits for the guest.   Saunas can cleanse the skin, increase circulation, open up the airways and sinuses, ease muscle and rheumatic pain, strengthen the immune system, improve joint movement and act as a great stress release for tension.

Sweating opens up the pores, lets out toxins and impurities and increases circulation. A sauna can also speed recovery time for injuries such as strains, sprains, arthritis and muscular pain.

Here is The Spa Man’s round-up of the best saunas with a view.

Treetop Sauna Center Parcs Sherwood Forest - The Spa Man

Treetop Sauna at Aqua Sana CenterParcs, Sherwood Forest

The show stopping signature build at the newly refurbished Center Parcs Sherwood Forest is the stunning new Treetop Sauna. A first for the UK, the 10-metre high structure offers impressive views of the trees and river beyond. The views really are incredible and it’s a one of kind, certainly for the UK and I can’t find any reference to a tree top sauna any where in the world.


Four Seasons Park Lane Sauna with a view - The Spa Man

The Sauna, Four Seasons Park Lane, London

the spa is on the rooftop and the sauna overlooks Hyde Park. It’s a view to die for, especially in the centre of London. But the best views are receiver for female guests. The male sauna does have a small window but its more of a city scape than the green lawns and open spaces of the world-famous Hyde Park.


Moddershall Oaks Sauna with a view - the Spa Man

Modershall Oaks Country Spa Retreat

With an outdoor spa concept, naturally the spa here has a sauna with a view. Looking directly across the outdoor pool and fields to the trees  beyond. It’s a relaxing view, and the perfect place to get back to nature. Sounds good? Make your merry way to Staffordshire in an instant.


Mottram Hall AlfrescoThermospace Sauna With a View

Alfresco Thermospace at The Spa at Mottram Hall

Designed with views across the spa area and woods beyond, the alfresco Thermospace is a fancy name for this sauna in Chester. There are lots of other thermal experiences to enjoy on site. But this sauna with a view will be the first stop off for most guests on their spa journey.


Celtic Sauna Ritual at Galgorm Resort and Spa - the Spa Man

Celtic Sauna at Galgorm Resort and Spa

Set by the river, the views from this sauna are mesmerising. It plays host to the Celtic Sauna Ritual too. Originating in Finland and now practised world-wide this is Galgorm’s unique presentation on the Aufguss sauna ritual. Your Sauna Master will guide through this meditative experience where a ritual with towels is used to agitate the air, lessening the intensity of the heat and allowing you to breathe in the essential oils infused into the air. It concludes with meditation in the River House.



Nordic sauna Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

Nordic Sauna at Aqua Sana CenterParcs, Sherwood Forest

The Nordic Sauna at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest is huge! With a glass walled front that faces the inner courtyard and pool, the real crowd-pleaser is the view to the forest. It’s just magical relaxing in the soothing warmth of the sauna looking out to the greenery of the woodland. The views really are incredible.


Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes Sauna with a View

Spa at Wyboston Lakes

This cosy cabin sauna makes the most of its surroundings offering views across the outdoor spa area and heated pool. It’s a great way to rest and relax and not feel claustrophobic in an enclosed sauna.


Dormy House Sauna - The Spa Man

The sauna at Dormy House

OK, so it’s not a view of the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, but this sauna does open itself up to the rest of the spa and creates a real sense of space. Looking across the lap pool and relaxation area, it is a pleasant change having big windows in a sauna, especially one that is on the lower ground level such as this is. You can see the filtered natural light seeping in. It’s a delight.



  1. Sauna room as a paradise with quiet space to relax well. Not only for deep and delicious sleep, the sauna also improves cardiovascular problems and helps to make the skin look better. Wishing to be here for a one-time experience

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