The Growth of Mindfulness

Mindfulness appears to be everywhere and, in some instances promises to solve pretty much every problem there is. It’s growth continues and everywhere you look a spa, health expert or mind guru is offering tips, techniques, sessions, course and online apps to help you on your way. I have written about it before and you can read “What is mindfulness medition” here

The Huffington Post has it’s own dedicated channel to mindfulness and it’s well worth taking a look for the latest reseach, tips, advice and comment.

I’m a big fan and it’s helped me resolve stress and anxiety issues. The whole month of May is devoted to the project – Mindful in May. Which combines regular practice, joining people across the globe to help raise money to bring clean water to commnities who need it most.

They say “It takes just 10 minutes a day to bring more focus and effectiveness into your daily life. Join a global community of people bringing mindfulness meditation into their lives and making a positive impact on the lives of others.”


I would agree. 10 minutes a day to stop, breath, contemplate, allow your mind to flow and to be present in this moment – is all it takes. Headspace, created by Andy Puddicombe starts off with 10 minute guided meditations. download the app and the first sessions are free. It then becomes a subscription service – but one of the easiest ones I have come across.


Neom Treatment Room - The Spa Man

Neom, the wellbeing brand has recently developed a series of spa treatments which incorporate mindulness practice into the ritual and protocols of the treatment. I went along to try it out at the recently opened store  in Wimbledon Village. There are four treatments addressing the key issues of sleep, stress, energy and happiness which use a blend of six therapies: meditation, shiatsu, cranio massage, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology. Unqiuely, the treatments also use mindfulness meditation, they begin with a specific guided meditation, preparing the client’s body and mind for the treatment. It also added some visualisation. It was excellent at grounded me in the present and brining my attention to the treatment. I was most impressed with the multi-discipline approach to wellness and wellbeing in the spa setting.


This talk of mindfulness, takes me back to a meeting with Claire Chiang, Senior Vice President, Banyan Tree Holdings and co-founder of the Banyan Tree Spas with her husband Ho Kwon Ping. Passionate about people and empowering women, Claire had some very interesting things to say about being present. She said, “I think we have lost touch with taking care of ourselves. We stopped loving ourselves. Taking care of others, we have forgotten to take care of ourselves.”

Corporate Portriat

She credits this with the rise of spa and in turn, takes some time each day to centre herself. And indeed, it’s time well spent. In addition to her role at Banyan Tree she is also lectures, holds positions of many boards in Singapore and is spearheading the Banyan Tree growth in China. She told me that she doescentreing exercises any time anywhere. “It’s important to declutter for one good minute – then extend to five, then another five, working up to 15 minutes each day.”

Here’s my review of the Banyan Tree in Phuket

It can be as simple as that. Whether you follow a mindfulness programme or simply sit, relax, breathe and be here now. Try it. You might find it quite enlightening.