The scent of action man

Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Energy Cologne - high res jpegDesigned for action man (perhaps Bear Grylls) this new Eau de Cologne from Victorinox is in a soft-touch plastic bottle with lots of sporty clips and things. Great for the gym as it’s light-weight and won’t break if you drop it. The scent is fresh, light and sporty.

Swiss Unlimited Energy does burst with energy but then dries off and sadly doesn’t last as well as I had hoped.

It has a twist up cap lock – nice touch, but it seems more effort has gone into the packaging. The press info didn’t mention the fragrance notes or ingredients at all, it was all about the bottle.

I picked up cedar and grapefruit, it’s light and refreshing.

Bottle’s great – fragrance is nice but it crashed and burned.

Swiss Unlimited Energy – £39.00

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