Thierry Mugler launches A*MEN Ultra Zest

Bright, vibrant and in your face, the packaging for the new A*MEN Ultra Zesty Eau de Toilette sets the tone for what you get in the bottle. It’s bursting with citrus, but has a sweetness to it that makes it a great spring/summer scent for any man. Quite quickly the citrus notes give way to woody tones and it has a spicy-ness that is reminiscent of previous limited edition fragrances from Thierry Mugler.

A*MEN Ultra Zesty Eau de Toilette is a limited edition launch for spring, and is the perfect cocktail of woody, spicy and citrus notes. You will instantly pick up on the fresh scents of mandarin, blood orange and ginger which are my favourite of the blend.

Read the blurb and there’s a touch of cinnamon, coffee and black pepper. Now I couldn’t pick these out individually – but they come across with a pleasing spicy touch.

When the fragrance settles there is a fine mix of vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean which ensure that this is a sophisticated and sensual scent.
I think that this is best suited for a sunny spring day in the park, or a day trip to the seaside. I loved the citrus notes, but it does have a quite heady layer of sweetness, not sickly, but it remains very prominent on the nose. It’s a great contrast to the woody notes of Thierry Mugler A*MEN Wood which debuted (for a limited time) in 2014. I still have a little left and love that on a cool day when I’m rugged up against the elements; or for an evening out at the theatre. Read the review here.

The Pure series from Thierry Mugler has included some greats like Pure Wood, Pure Gold, Pure Havane, Pure Malt, Pure Leather and even Pure Coffee. Ultra Zest is probably the most daring, but perfectly pitched for the coming summer sun.

Readers note! This is a limited edition product and went on sale on 2nd April. It’s available nationwide and at most good fragrance retailers, but you will have to be quick. Past experience shows that these don’t hang around for long. There could be precious few left on the shelves. I did a quick search and it’s still available at Debenhams and The Fragrance Shop. So don’t delay.

100ml Eau de Toilette – £48.00