Total refresh: LAB Series Multi-action Face Wash


LAB Series Multi-action Face Wash is billed a dual action face wash – promising to cleanse and refresh the skin, dissolving excess oil, unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells. After trialling this for a couple of months, I can assure you it leaves the skin clean, fresh and feeling like it’s been resurfaced.

It has a light creamy texture with little beads that ‘melt’ as you massage it into the skin. Fragrance-free it doesn’t overload your senses first thing in the morning and is packed with vitamins to nourish the skin too.

Recommended for use morning and night, I added this to my skincare routine once a week, like a scrub. With thin skin on my cheeks I was once advised by a top facialist to exfoliate no more than once a week. But for most guys once a day would be perfect.

Most importantly, a little goes a long way which makes it a cost effective purchase.

£18.50 for 100ml.

What else? It can be used as a pre-shave wash/exfoliate for lift the beard hair giving a fine, close shave.

It’s a top product and my favourite from LAB Series so far.





  1. We’re delighted to see our men’s facial cleansing treatments go down a treat! And it’s great to see men really getting into exfoliating their facial skin! What products do you recommend for those with oily skins as a result of facial hair they have? Would be great to know! Thanks!

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