Versace Pour Homme Noir Oud

Versace Pour Homme OUD NOIR_100 ml

Black and gold set the scene for the latest Versace men’s fragrance. I know that a number of oud scents have hit the market this year, but they have all largely passed me by. I’m a big fan of Versace Eros, it was my summer favourite and you can read about it here. The new Versace Noir Oud is potent, it packs a punch on the olfactory senses and lasts and lasts – all day and into the night. The Spa Man 2 is a bigger fan, for me it’s more of an evening scent.

It begins with citrus notes, but these are quickly overtaken by the spicy elements and that’s where it stays. You might get a hint of the bitter orange and neroli but for me it’s all about cardamom, black pepper and of course the intense notes of oud. This is one that you will either love or hate. I love it – but only, in the night.


Available exclusively from Harrods