Win a Russian Spa Experience for Two at Banya No.1

Banya No.1 London - The Spa Man
The Spa Man has teamed up with Banya No.1 in London to offer readers the chance to win a Russian Spa Experience for Two. This includes a 3-hour Banya pass, Parenie for each person (see below for a description) and a pot of herbal tea.
I have to say I love the Banya experience and Banya No.1 offers an authentic version right in the heart of London. It’s tucked away on a quiet little back street in Shoreditch and is a great way to relax using traditional Russian spa treatments built around the sauna.
Entering is easy. See the link below in the competition box and follow it through to visit The Spa Man’s Facebook page or enter your email. Simples!

Banya No.1

Banya No.1 London - The Spa Man

The Parenie treatment at Banya No.1

The Parenie treatment is specially designed sauna. You literally lay down on the sauna bench and get whipped with leaves until your body temperature rises.  It begins as a gentle therapy with light tapping of the leaves (mostly oak) across the body. The sauna master uses the leaves the gather hot air from the sauna and wave this across the body. Focussing on the back, legs and then feet, it’s somewhat soothing and comforting to begin with, then your body temperature starts to rise. Resting your head on the beech with a pillow of eucalyptus and birch branches, these have been dipped on cool water and give a little relief. It’s when the focus shifts to the feet that it gets way too hot to handle. the same follows on with you laying on your back, then its time to cool off with an ice bucket of water then a dip in the plunge pool. The rush is incredible and you will be enlivened in an instant. then its time to take some tea and really feel the soothing relaxing benefits. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
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